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Congratulations to the Nordonia senior class for putting on a great Prom Fair. You all looked amazing and put on a very lively and entertaining show. I am pleased to offer the pictures on my web site. You may download small digital files FOR FREE!. They will be suitable for emailing or social media. You can also buy prints. Double click on an image then mouse over the upper left hand corner to see the menu. From there you can buy or share on social media or download.

If you wish to buy prints, click the ‘buy’ link to see the prices. You can buy directly from the site or by contacting me. My email is Let me know what it is that you want and I will advise where to send payment. Order using the numbers starting with DSC that are BELOW each picture. I only need the 4 digit part of the number. Don’t use the index numbers on the pictures (1,2,3, etc.) as those numbers could change if pictures are added or removed.

If you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact me. And please check out the public gallery area on my site. Senior pictures are one of my specialties!

Practice 1/13 and 1/14

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Created 18-Jan-14
Modified 18-Jan-14
Practice 1/13 and 1/14

Dress Rehearsal 1/19

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Created 20-Jan-14
Modified 20-Jan-14
Dress Rehearsal 1/19

Prom Fair before intermission

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Created 24-Jan-14
Modified 24-Jan-14
Prom Fair before intermission

Prom Fair after intermission

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Created 4-Feb-14
Modified 4-Feb-14
Prom Fair after intermission